Shades of Aşk

Welcome to Shades of Ask,
where we capture the magic of your special day in timeless frames. We are a team of professional photographers and cinematographers dedicated to preserving the essence of love through our cameras. With creativity and passion, we tell your love story in breathtaking photographs that stand the test of time. Founded by Mr. Nikhil in 2013, we have grown into a team of 20+ members, working together on multiple projects to create cherished memories. Discover our services and let us be your storytellers, capturing the beauty, emotions, and prayers of your loved ones. Welcome to a world of love and beauty with Shades of Ask.
Welcome to Shades of Aşk,
where we capture the magic of your special day in timeless frames.Let us be your storytellers, preserving your love in breathtaking photographs. Explore our services and embark on a journey of cherished memories. Welcome to a world of love and beauty.We invite you to explore our services, get to know our talented team, and discover the possibilities that await you. Let us be your storytellers, preserving the essence of your love in photographs that will stand the test of time.


Shades of Aşk Photography is more than a name; it’s our photography philosophy. “Shades” symbolize the nuances we capture in every moment – the interplay of light, emotions, and details. “Aşk,” meaning “love” in Turkish, is our essence, transcending borders and cultures. “Photography” is our medium, freezing time into lasting memories. We’re dedicated to revealing the myriad colors of love, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Join us in this artistic journey to tell your unique story, one frame at a time.


“We believe in teamwork. We understand that newly married couple needs guidance and support in every step right from costume selection and decore planning. We tend to give our best in helping them out with the outfit selection as well as the poses which well define your love, we focus on candids as well so that true love is divinely depicted.”


“Our goal is to capture emotions and the real vibe of your wedding. Our solemn focus is to capture the real vibe, the authentic and true love between the couple, we not only wish to capture the pictures for the sake of having pictures but to extract the true feelings of a pair through a picture”

Harshal and Mrunmayee

We had two days of photoshoots with Shades of Aşk Photography, the team is awesome, and had lots of fun while shooting. The team has a very creative approach to every single photo. The Shades of Aşk Photography & team previously planned various suitable locations and timings for the photoshoot and also guided for the suitable costume according to the locations. The team has taken on-time decisions and worked out very efficiently even in bad weather conditions to get a perfect shot. It carries various great elements to add more beauty to the pictures. The team includes a female make-up artist for managing all the looks and it is also very comfortable for the bride to help her out while changing, doing makeup, etc. The whole team has taken great efforts for the excellent pictures.

Naman & Shikha

We had a pre-wedding shoot and the experience was really amazing. From our first interaction, it was clear that we have chosen one of the best photographers. For location again we were guided by the Shades of Aşk Photography team and the suggestion was spot on. We shot around Pashan Lake and Mulshi Dam. During the shoot there was not even a single dull moment, everything was perfect. Right from the locations to the guidance from the team and the enthusiasm was great. I would definitely recommend Shades of Aşk Photography, they put in a lot of effort which can be seen in the great pictures. After the entire day moving around different locations we were satisfied with the overall experience we had personally and professionally and had lots of memories to cherish!!

Nehil and Gautami

We had an amazing experience with the Shades of Aşk Photography team. It's a great team with different people having expertise in different areas. A total of 9 people which included a makeup artist pose expert, drone expert, candid photography expert, etc. Amazing people!!! I see they stay together and have dedicated their whole time to this field. Their passion & dedication in work clearly shows in the results. The most important thing- is these guys don't do photography just for their profession but cz they have real passion and do their work with what we say 'pure dil' se. They are amongst the top in Pune, and If they keep this work, I can easily see them at top in India. We live in the US and were a little skeptical initially as we thought we could have had a great pre-wedding video in the US. But now I'm happy that we chose Shades of Aşk Photography. I would highly recommend this group for photography!

Supriya and Neeraj

Choosing Shades of Aşk Photography team for my wedding was our best decision. Their team made everybody so comfortable to click pictures with their attitude and way of working! They captured all our rituals and imp moments so well. Loved the stories/videos they created with it!! One should never compromise on wedding photography because it's a lifetime memory and they will not disappoint you! <3

Pradhnya & Deepak

I would like to share my Pre-wedding experience with Nikhil and the Shades of Aşk Photography team. The moment I started the conversation with them over the phone, the Team is there for you to suggest you the best costumes, and the best shops in Pune where you could find one. On the shoot day, we started the early morning by getting up ready in his studio and exploring places nearby Pune.. He and his entire team made us so comfortable with the camera and suggested various poses and clicked many innovative moments.. I trusted his work so much that I blindly told him to click photos as per his wish and the way he would like them to be perfect. The entire day was so perfect that it has made a place in my heart for a lifetime. Today, when we both went through all of our pics, we relive all the moments that we shared that day. Thank you so much Shades of Aşk Photography and team to make a cheerful memory for a lifetime.

Sarang & Manali

THE PICTURES ARE STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! I'm in love with them all. You are so talented. You have an eye for detail and see things that ordinarily, others would not notice. I'm so happy you discovered your love for photography at such a young age. You are so lucky to share your talent and capture memories that will last lifetimes. I don't believe any other photographer could have captured the emotions, details, and story of the day as beautifully as Shades of Aşk Photography have done. #loveubro 😘🤘

Aishwarya & Anuj

I think the team of Shades of Ask is one of the best teams to work with.. the energy, and the vibe they create around you on your big day is just what you need when you are already nervous. Everyone on the team is super supportive, extremely funny, and fun-loving. During my entire wedding week, they quickly became a part of my family and we didn't realize how. They gelled up so well with my entire family that it became so easy for us to pose in front of them.. and that's how he got some really good photos. More than that, the photos are mind-blowing and the deliveries are just in time. Extremely in love with the work and the team❤️

Karan & Aarya

From the moment we contacted Shades of Aşk Photography, we knew they would be the perfect photographers for my son's big day. We loved his portfolio and hoped that we get something even half as good as the other weddings. We weren't disappointed at all - the shots we got back were insanely good. Bunty Patil from the team exudes a rare passion for his work, getting excited about different photo opportunities and running around looking for spots of light and new moments. There were so many incredible and special moments that he managed to capture so perfectly and so naturally. His dedication and enthusiasm to capture every moment shone all throughout. He and his team absolutely blew us away with their talent. We couldn't have wished for anything more and we would recommend them. Thank you Shades of Aşk Photography !!!

Prasad Kudtarkar

After a month-long analysis on the internet on who should we approach for our maternity shoot if someone would have told us that we will meet perhaps the most passionate and skillful photographer, We wouldn't have imagined it to be true. Such is the commitment and passion of Nikhil and his team that we are so so glad that we made a decision to approach shades of ask...from the first day when we discussed what we wanted, to the kind of attire that we could wear, to the props that we could use, to the poses and the photo shoot...It was one amazing experience that is going to be with us for a lifetime... #Highlyrecommended that #ShadesofAsk is what you should go for!!!!! Our first but surely not our last shoot with #ShadesofAskphotography

Ishwari & Shreesh

We had a great and unforgettable experience with Shades of Aşk Photography! This is a professional team with unexhausted stamina, great skills, patience, and a very enthusiastic approach toward their work. Trust me, they don't do just photography they capture your lifetime memories! Thank you so much 🙂